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Roles: Project Head, Design Manager, Research Manager, Brand Strategist


1. Logo: To redesign the logo into a fresh, contemporary and credible brand mark.

2. Packaging: To design a visually distinct packaging that lays emphasis on the freshness and authenticity
of the ingredients used in the formulation of the product.


The brand promise of 'Nature's Goodness enhanced by Science'.


1. Briefing

2. Brand Research

3. Consumer Research

4. Market Research

5. Competition Research

6. Brand Assesment

7. Product Assesment

1. Ideation​

2. Brand Planning

3. Competition Color

4. Concept Creation

5. Moodboarding

6. Logo Conceptualization

7. Packaging Design 

8. Color Palette Creation
9. Image Selection

1. Research Presentations

2. Design Presentations

3. Concept Finalization​

4. Packaging Mockups

5. Design Revisions

6. Client Approvals

1. Execution

2. Artworks

3. Market Launch


The purpose for the brand to undergo a redesign was to portray its self as a much more feminine,
up-market and modern brand. The brand ThinkSkin now wanted to lay a visual emphasis on its new brand promise of 'Nature + Science'.

Unlike most of its competitors in the market, the brand name 'ThinkSkin' connotes the philosophy and personality of the brand with the name itself. Thus, the logo was specifically designed to create an elegant yet distinct look while representing the brand characteristics. A modified font with mixed weights was created to emphasize the significance of 'think' with a medium weight, while the delicacy of 'skin' was portrayed with a lighter font weight.

For the packaging, a special theme called the 'Ingredient Story' was devised. This theme was devised basis the marketing department's exigency of emphasizing the goodness of the ingredients used in the formulation of the products. The Ingredient story highlighted and elucidated this very 'goodness factor.'

Alongside the results of the user journey and empathy map, consumer research also revealed a need for change in shape of the existing bottle. The majority of the target audience preferred a longer, slender and sleeker bottle rather than the existing short and stout one. Therefore, along with the client and their suppliers, a new SKU / bottle was selected.

The label was designed in line with the personality of the target audience; simple yet elegant. Images of bountiful fruits were carefully selected to depict the wholesome freshness of the ingredients. Even the
Back - Of - Pack copy was specially crafted to be in sync with the 'ingredient story' theme. A color palette of softer hues was exclusively formulated to distinguish the product variants in an opulent manner while providing the packs a quintessentially modern and international look and feel.

Prior to the pan-India launch, mockups were created for focus group testing and design modifications.
After the required approvals were obtained from the client, the artworks were submitted and ThinkSkin was launched across the country with the new packaging. The final results were a huge success. They made the brand highly distinguishable amongst its competitors and visually dominated the retail shelf.