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I revel in anything that involves analytical thinking and creative problem-solving. I enjoy creating experiences, that establish relationships between people, products, and brands. I recently completed my Masters in Interactive Design from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, to extend my skills and knowledge into the realms of UX Design, human-computer interaction, and front-end technologies.


As a former design manager by profession, I was a 'conscience keeper'; in charge of maintaining the consistency and quality of various design and communication projects. Apart from being the primary point of contact for clients, I also helped develop comprehensive brand design strategies, managed the creative processes and operations of my team and undertook market and user research.

Fidgety by nature, I enjoy brevity, watching documentaries, reading about science and technology; things that unravel the mysteries of how the world works. In my free time, I like to go for long walks to completely disconnect and recharge myself.

You can find my Resume here

A fan of old school hard rock & metal, I am fascinated by modern fusion and instrumental music. I unwind myself by playing and deconstructing songs on my guitar.

Being a left-hander myself, I recently tried my hands at 'Voodoo Child' by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, have a listen...

Voodoo Child - Hoshedar
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