Roles: Design Manager, Research Manager, Brand Strategist


To create a distinct visual identity and an exclusive spatial experience which illustrates the culture and essence associated with the cuisine and art of grilling.


The centuries of patronage and unique stories enjoyed by the cuisine across continents and cultures.


1. Briefing

2. Brand Assesment

3. Category Research

4. Competition Research​

5. Brand Planning

1. Ideation ​

2. Concept Creation

3. Content Planning

4. Copywriting

5. Moodboard Creation

1. Research Presentations

2. Design Presentations

3. Concept Finalization​​

4. Design Revisions

5. Client Approvals

1. Execution

2. Artworks

3. Outlet Inauguration


Grillopolis is a premium specialty restaurant located in the heart of Mumbai which serves authentic Mediterranean grill food. It provides an ambiance that is inspired by the art and architecture associated with the traditional cultures and settlements around the Mediterranean region. As the name suggests, the menu reflects a delicate mix of carefully chosen exotic recipes. All these recipes originate from civilizations that have flourished over many centuries across the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea.

After an intensive 'Day One' meeting with all the stakeholders of Grillopolis, a comprehensive brief and
a distinctive way forward was unearthed. The central idea being that Grillopolis - the city of grilled food,
is not just about the cuisine but also the ethos, stories, vibrations, and spirit, just like any true city. Thus,
all the spatial branding collaterals and designs had to portray the same.

So after undertaking the initial market and competition research, the focus shifted towards uncovering every possible dimension available about grilling and its associations. What was discovered, was truly inspiring and
in fact laid the foundations for the overall theme : Grilling 
transcends beyond the boundaries of race, location, time and is relished by the common man and celebrities alike. Grilling is all about coming together and having a delightful time.

The approach was to offer a tribute to the social importance, stories, legends, and trivia associated with
the beloved art of grilling. The menu, coasters, and tablemats were laced with interesting trivia blended with appropriate graphics and illustrations to bedazzle the customers with tiny bits of information in an engaging manner. For example, one of the coasters had an interesting trivia about researchers discovering the fact that one of the food on the table of the Last Super was a grilled fish.

The content was based on facts and trivia but, was written using a pinch of spice and quirky humor. These quirky branded collaterals not only served their intended purpose but were also used as an intriguing medium for story-telling and establishing an interesting brand personality. This approach was extended to other mediums such as advertisements and promotional collaterals as well.

Taking advantage of the restaurant size (over 4000 sqft), a series of around 20 posters were created and strategically placed at various areas inside the restaurant. Each poster resonated with the intended purpose of that particular section while providing a delightful ambiance for customers as they spend time in the restaurant. Posters draped with humor offered an interesting look into the world of music, food, spices, movies and alcohol but all related in one way or another to grill and its rich history.