The Adani Brand Book
The Adani Brand Book
The Adani Brand Book
The Adani Brand Book
The Adani Brand Book
The Adani Brand Book

The Adani Group

Roles: Design Manager, Content Strategist, Planning Head

To design and create the 'Adani Brand Book', a book that represents the prodigious history, scale,
and ambition of this internationally acclaimed Indian giant.

The minimalistic yet vibrant nature of the brand graphics that truly represent the well-spanned spectrum
of the group's global activities.


1. Briefing

2. Ideation

3. Concept Creation

4. Content Planning

5. Copywriting

1. Information Architecture

2. Design Planning

3. Concept Creation​

4. Guideline Creation

5. Collateral Design

6. Brand Application Strategy​

1. Design Presentations

2. Concept Selection​

3. Design Revisions

4. Client Approvals

1. Execution

2. Artworks


An iconic brand like Adani needed its very own distinctive design language. Apart from establishing the brand guidelines, the book also had to present the brand story, legacy, mission, and vision in a compelling manner. Due to the sheer size of the corporation and its ventures, a sizeable amount of content had to be presented in a way that's interesting yet does not fatigue the readers.

Thus, a well-sorted design template was created to offer ample breathing space to a range of brand elements and the content. The design is held together discreetly by a palette of colors inspired directly from
the logo itself.
Each section effectively highlights and seamlessly integrates various existing brand identity elements like fonts, infographics, colors, and tone of voice to convey the intended message.

The project was not limited to just creating guidelines but also entailed the designing of various elements, collaterals, communication templates and their implementation tools. Along with designing the brand stationary, an efficient ‘application mechanism’ was developed through which the brand identity could be expressed and extended naturally across a range of touchpoints like corporate offices & branches, offshore offices, power plants, ports, airstrips, cargo freights, planes and much more.

A variety of brand stationary, promotional collaterals, marketing materials, interior & exterior signages, media templates, and other branding do's and dont's were meticulously planned and designed as well. 

The final book turned out to be an exhaustive and comprehensive brand book of 254 pages. The book constructively covered every possible facet of the brand and its constituents.