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Pegasus ToyKraft Pvt. Ltd.

Roles: Project Manager, Design Manager, Research Assistant


To design a clutter breaking packaging for the new 'i-learn' series of puzzles. The packaging was to be unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.


The legacy, heritage & business verticals of the brand.


1. Briefing

2. Category Research

3. Market Research

4. Competition Research

5. Consumer Research​

6. Product Assesment

1. Ideation​

2. Brand Planning

3. Concept Creation​​

4. Nomenclature

5. Content Strategizing

6. Packaging Design 

1. Research Presentations

2. Design Presentations

3. Concept Finalization​

4. Packaging Mockups

5. Design Revision

6. Client Approvals

1. Execution

2. Artworks

3. Toy Fair Launch

4. Pan-India Launch


Pegasus ToyKraft is a multi-award winning toy manufacturer and exporter with a global presence.
The new 'I-Learn' series of puzzles were to be launched initially at the Nuremberg Toy Fair - the world's biggest toy fair, and subsequently in pan-Indian markets.

The packaging design for the new products had to be devised in a way which was appealing and relatable to the international audiences as well as the domestic Indian audiences. Therefore a minimalist approach was applied to the designs to create balanced sensibilities. To simplify and de-clutter the overall look and feel, a hierarchy of elements was created. The elements appearing on the 'Front-Of-Pack' were strategically streamlined according to this hierarchy to obtain a visually distinct brand architecture.

Game descriptions were converted into simple and easily understandable info-graphics, alongside 
a one-line descriptor. The 'Back-Of-Pack' followed the same approach. Exhaustive product description
was simplified using info-graphics and a one-paragraph description of the product. This makes the product 

simpler and quicker for both the mother and child to comprehend.

In order to stand out from the crowd, apart from the packaging, even the games themselves were given
unique and clutter breaking descriptors. E.g. The hexagonal alphabet puzzle was called 'The Pizza Puzzle'.

This appealed to the target age group of the kids and also received appreciation from judges and
other competitors at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

To tackle the careless and chaotic manner of improper product display and stacking that occur at
smaller retail outlets, the sides of the packaging were specifically designed to offer greater visibility

and easier communication of the brand, product, and variant. Thus, no matter how the packs are stacked, one can always figure out the crucial details.

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